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We perform routine and advanced surgeries, ranging from spaying and neutering to cystotomy and enucleations. During the process, our team will carefully monitor your cat to ensure that he or she is safe and comfortable under our care. Afterward, we will discuss pain management and medication so that your loved one can go on to a speedy and complete recovery.

Getting Your Cat to the Hospital

We want your visits with us to be as easy and stress-free as possible for both you and your cat. This checklist will help:

  • Acclimate your cat to the carrier by leaving it out for at least 2 days prior to the visit.
  • Before you leave for the appointment, spray Feliway in the carrier and on a towel draped over the carrier. This affordable calming pheromone can be very effective.
  • Preheat or precool your car to ensure your pet is comfortable.
  • Keep the carrier level. Use a towel to fill the divot of a seat. Be sure the carrier will not slide or fall with a sudden turn or a stop. Buckle in the carrier if possible.
  • Talk to your cat in a calming voice. Play talk radio or classical music in the car. Research shows these are calming for cats.
  • For very anxious cats you can give a medication called gabapentin that has a soothing effect on felines. We have it available and you can administer it at home prior to your visit.
Orange cat after surgery

Cat having an ultrasound done

Cats Exclusively


Unlike humans, cats can’t tell us when they don’t feel well. Perhaps your cat’s not eating with the same gusto, or perhaps our team discovers an abnormal lump during a routine check-up, an ultrasound can help discover the underlying cause.

An abdominal ultrasound exam is a noninvasive, non-painful procedure used to evaluate your cat’s internal organs. Ultrasound uses sound waves to allow us to not only see inside organs, but evaluate their size, shape and texture. We then use all of this information to help diagnose disorders and disease, such as bladder stones or even cancer. Dr. Lann is even certified to perform cardiac ultrasounds, which is typically only available at specialized facilities.

Cats Exclusively

Digital X-Rays

X-rays are an important tool to help us identify and treat injuries and illness in our patients. By offering an inside view of your cat, our team can identify fractures, dislocations, problems with organs, and many other ailments. We offer this technology on site so that our team can get the information to you quickly.

Digital x-ray of a cat's chest and abdomen'

Prescription medications

Cats Exclusively

In-House Lab

At Cats Exclusively, we have the ability to run most laboratory tests within an hour and, very often, can have the results back to you before you leave the office.

Cats Exclusively


Cats Exclusively is pleased to offer an on-site, stocked pharmacy, which means added convenience for you. During your cat’s appointment, our team will discuss treatment options (available on-the-spot) for many common ailments, including: infections, airborne allergies, heartworm, fleas, intestinal worms and chronic medical conditions. If your cat has special dietary needs, we also stock a range of nutritional foods on-site.

To fill a prescription, choose what works best for you. You can pick it up in person or have it delivered to your home:

  1. PICK-UP at Cats Exclusively office located at Marsh Road in Pittsford: Location Map
  2. DELIVERY to your home, simply order through our online pharmacy at: